3D Cellular Automata



CA3D is a three-dimensional continuous valued Cellular Automata simulator. It explores lively patterns and 3D structures by using 3D Heat rule, 3D Hodge rule and 3D Winfree rule. 3D Hodge and 3D Winfree rules exhibit scroll structure similar to Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction.

CA3D offers viewing capability of 3D structures in different angle, level of depth, and viewing perspective in three-dimensional experience.

The program is running as Java application or applet utilizing JOGL for 3D rendering. It requires OpenGL software or hardware accelerated video device.

To run CA3D as Java application or applet page, the client system required the following packages:

* JRE 6.0

* JOGL 1.1.1a  (JogAmp.org)

The Download page provides instruction on how to get CA3D started.

Click Simulation page to start CA3D applet after installing required packages.



3D Cellular Automata Patterns

  1. Heat Rule Pattern

  2. Hodge Rule Pattern

  3. Zhabotinsky Scroll